MOD is gone

The show must go on, but our riding companion for the last 4 weeks has departed now to rejoin his family who graciously have sacrificed some of ther US holiday while their dad indulges his passion for motorcycling expeditioning and joined us from Utah to the top of the world at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. MOD (Mike O’Donell) was far more than a riding companion – he organised the section of our ride that he was with us and sorted our schedule, made sure we got to arranged critical points – like the bus trip through the oil installation at Prudhoe, and the ferries we’re about to board down through the Inner Passage to Vancouver Island.

We last rode offshore with MOD in the Aussie desert shakedown for our Silkroad trip and before that in the Himalayas in 2001.

So thanks MOD from all of us, always a pleasure.

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