Killing time in Seattle

I’m sitting in the showroom of “Ride West BMW” they provide coffee and snacks and a computer to live your life while you wait. I think I’ve sold a bike for them so I might get a t-shirt for free.

Today we are doing rear tyres and an oil change and I am doing my front fork seals. The forks should have been protected but I didn’t get my act together and the calcium carbide on the roads sets like concrete on the sliders and then you have a litle leak that gets bigger and today I was getting a bit of front-end instability. The NZ dollar means we cringe at the prices here in the USA, everything will be double on my VISA bill.

Ok back a day to Vancouver, where I found a first cousin Steve Elder and we caught up after 30+ years. We had talked in between but I rekon you need a night to empty a cousin’s beer fridge and a feed off the BBQ before you figure them out.

He’s OK and has done well for an Invercargill boy, hope to see more of him and Christine and kids. The photo of his daughter, Princess Stephanie shows another biker girl in the making.
Vancouver is like Wellington, very vibrant and an international feel, loved it and the weather was soooo good.

I’ve missed Dave Penny’s birthday sorry Dave.

Must go and check out the workshop and see if my baby is fixed.


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