The challenge begins

Until now we have had sections of riding challenge but it is changing to the tough ride we wanted.
We were warned that there is a climate change at Bariloche, and as we headed towards this lakeside town we were in disbelief as the temperature dropped 10 degrees and the wind got up, to maybe 50 kph. The next morning it was 6 degrees and we were cold as we rode out at 8am. It did improve during the day and became more pleasant but we didn’t end up in Parque Nacional Los Alerches as intended as Brendan’s mud guard need ed 4 new bolts and the process of shaking them out had stuffed the 5mm screw and he needed tapped out to 6mm. So back to the seal and to a work shop for the quick repair. This change meant we got to stay  in a Welsh town , Trevelin, where the Welsh dragon is superimposed on the Argentian flag.

We have started a programme of checks and tightening of bits and bolts each night as the vibrations of gravel and especially the corrugations are  tough on your machine. Big hits from the occassional unavoidable pot hole mean I have my tyres hard, front 36 (TKC 80 tyres) and the rear 40 (Tourance XP).  Bikes are going well and I feel smug with having left all but the essentials at Santiago in my top-box, but with short legs and less muscle than the boys  I needed to get the weight to a minimum and low.

Just had a sublime night in La Junta at a fishing lodge (gorgeous rivers and lakes in this area) so feel refreshed and spoilt and ready to go out to the continuing gravel road.

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