Trees again.

We left later than usual to do a back road passed 10 scenic lakes and had to do a double take as the scenery was so New Zealand. What was it, the lakes Central Otago like, the mountains Westland like? Then we got it. It was the beech forest,,,, we felt as if we had been transported to the West coast of NZ. Then we descended down a very rough freshly cut forestry track where huge beech trees with 2m trunks had been chopped to get a road through to join existing trails. Argentina is very like NZ in this area and looks like it would be a fun place to spend a ski season if that is you.
Suddenly we are through a pass and the promised wind hits, the trees vanish, and the temperature drops 10 degrees and we are at Bariloche. This is the beginning of the seriously tough stuff seemingly. We are at the last decent sized town for about 2200 km, off into the unknown, yea ha.

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