A ride in the Police car

The square of Peurto Aisen had a stage set up and a few speakers playing piped music to the teenage audience during the afternoon, looked like a non-event. We continued on to the only eating establishment not serving burgers, but after at 10 pm ther was some action. A huge truck parked in front of the stage also served as a wind break: shrieks and some patriotic sounding singing, hand on hearts, hugging and tears. We watched for a while and the others headed home, but Brendan and me stayed.
Then the police arrived, sirens and lights, lots of Latin passion. The police opened the car, doors and people were getting in so Brendan says let go Jo and we are in the boot of the station wagon with another two. 12 in the police car going where? A huge truck following we tour the town, horns blasting and sirens and lights going. Everyone came out of the houses and waved.
We had figured by then that we were caught up in an aid effort for the towns affected by the tsunami and earthquake further north. This small town had collected 5 tonnes of clothing and food etc for the less fortunate.
We accompanied the aid truck in the Police car, knees bent around our ears, to the Port of Chacabuco, hoping we would be able to get home again.
All was well, and what a small world, Leo a paleontologist, also in the vehicle, intends to come to NZ to Vic Uni to do a PhD. The night ended about mid-night with hugs all round, even with the police.
Couldn’t stop laughing for hours, what a night.
Well done generous folk of Aisen

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