Shores of Izzk Kul, almost Russia

We have had problems with one of the bikes, so the group is now
split. One pair of riders is on their way fron Tashkent (we hope) in catch-up
mode while we have an easy day on the shores of Izzk Kul near the
Russian border. we had a very cool swim this morning and it feels like
holiday mode as we are filling in a bit of time. We had a nice night
in a cabin type accommodation with a General and “hot lips Hoolihan”
look-a-like as neighbours. Brendan and I cooked baked beans on the
cooker and drunk vodka to Russia and many other things as Bryan had a
medicated slept and Gareth moaned with stomach cramps.

This has only been possible as the Chinese military has changed our
entry dates so the spouses have had to continue their trip minus their
partners, and we cool our heels waiting for Dave and Phil’s
replacement Selwyn (AKA Phil-in).
I’m sure most would have been less patient than the spousal group has been
dealing with the bike problems and how it has directed events.

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