Vodka induced waffle

Hi Buddies,

Boy I’m ugly and the bruising has proceeded down my neck topped by a bright yellow cheek and a red eye socket. Lucky what ever I hit didn’t get my eye. Vodka is great for pain (even if you have none) and you forget how ugly you look and think you are being lusted after by everyone – I’ve been on it tonight.

The country here is heading for a revolution according to several people we have chatted to, and it is sad to think of the suffering that the locals will endure to get a decent functional society. Big queues for money at all places as there isn’t any at the banks. This would be consistant with the hoarding that it would be sensible to do if you felt a bit insecure about your countries stability. we haven’t seen any effects from the Andijan riots and shootings, but you miss lots of the moods of a society when you don’t speak much of the language.

Managed to get some local cash on the black market at a small margin. Illegal I have since heard.

Off on the road tomorrow with a police escort that we have purchased in hard cash to get us through the motor-cycle free zone.

We are into Kasikstan in a couple of days and have been watching the “action” in Bishkek to see if it has spread to the areas we are passing through.

Looking forward to visiting the UNICEF project in Narin just before the China border. Hope a few of you are giving them a few bucks instead of your daily cappuchino. I’m missing decent coffee and my theory is that you will feel a lot better if you share this with me.

We have been notified that we will have to enter China 5 days later than planned due to (a secret).
Love Jo

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