Red Skye in the morning at the 50th parallel

Well what a title.We have woken to another glorious day but red red sky in the east is supposed to mean Bad weather. We are at Calefate, Argentina just below 50 degrees and have had a couple of days to catch up on the administration back home. This is especially needed for the guys running their businesses on-line while on-road. We also managed to do an excursion to the huge Perito Moreno Glacier. A great experience,especially getting into crampons and treking for a couple of hours on the glacier.
But let me wander back as I have been very remiss about doing the blogs. The weather has been so great that we wonder if the other travellers are correct about the wind in this area. The rutted and gravel roads were a challenge but without the huge gusts to blow you out of the groove we cruised happily. It is one of the most remote and isolated parts of the planet, and therefore wonderfully pristine waters are like iridescent blue jewels. The people are few and often here for the 4 month season and then back to city life. The lack of pollution is only because of the lack of population and even in tiny towns like this you see the muck of mans doing. We might hate the RMA and other building codes but life without them could have usliving in pretty rough situations.

24 hours later

We did 600 km yesterday 12 hours ,,,, huge. And there is WIND I spoke too soon.

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