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Our last Glacier – Perito Moreno

Just as Chile boasts of San Rafael, Argentina has the Perito Moreno glacier to skite about. And it’s a beauty alright, slightly easier to access than via a 5 hour each way boat ride. In fact we rode the bikes from El Calafate to the face, or at least to where it faces off against the land mass that confines it. This glacier carves into a lake rather than a fjord and is not in steady retreat as the one on the west of the Andes is. Indeed every now and again it is hard up against the lake shore – as it is at present. the next bonus is that we got to don crampons and go for a walk across it – or at least part of it. a new experience for all of us and not so easy as you might think, it being more than a little up and down – as the pictures show.

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