One more ride before we hit the bottom

We are over-nighting in Rio Grande about 200 km from Ushuaia, Argentina. This means we have a short ride on tarseal to the “southern-most city in the world”. Chile is disputing this and would have us believe that their Puerto Williams with 2000 residents (mainly Naval staff and families) is a city, but Ushuaia rightly has the title I’d say.

The day we left El Calafate it seemed we were to have our wonderful weather continue but the breeze got up and then increased to 80 gusting to 120 kph gusts. It was strange watching the other riders taking left hand bends while leaning right and you had to select where you could stop as in the open you would blow-off the bike. We made it to the short ferry (south of Roi Gallegos) at 6pm to cross to Tierra del Fuego only to find it too windy for the ferry and a huge queue waiting. So off to find a place to stay in the sparse area. Punta Arenas being 170 km away
was where we arrived at nearly 9, tired and battered from the wind and chilled to the bone from passing showers and 6 to 8 degree temps.
A great fish meal and a bottle of the nice local wine refreshed us, all slept well, and we were off to the longer ferry trip at 8am. Punta Arenas to Porvenir. Whales, dolphins, a shark and seals all performed for us on the crossing of the Straits of Magallan and it was a nice rest.
A superb gravel road took us across the island and we had the 3rd border crossing in as many days. My passport is full of Argentine and Chile stamps,

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