Prey For Me

Having trucked our bikes across the Serengeti to the western gates we were relieved to both find the bikes still intact after 4 days of bone jarring transit, and exhilarated to be out of safari wagons and on to familiar steeds again. But for sure the next 5o miles was a bit of a shock. Sure we were out of the reserve but we still had herds of wildebeest stampeding across our path, zebra, giraffes, impala, warthogs and herds of elephant as well. The latter don’t look on a motorcycle too kindly when it comes around the bend and splits the herd – mock charges of a motorcycle are an unfair contest. Just the sight of an elephant angry is enough to induce an involuntary dismount. We couldn’t quite work out why it was that lions wouldn’t exit the park along with all the species, especially their prey, did.

Indeed we decided that there was nothing to prevent the lions being out here to so punctures were banned and we did not linger, especially on parts of the tracks that were rimmed by high undergrowth. We were quite pleased to find the first village and to eventually be back amongst the environs of Africa’s humanity. Nature parks really are not good places for motorcycles.

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