We are there, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

OK we have been here for a day and already had lots happening. The southernmost city in the world. It is beautiful with pretty little houses (like the Faroe Islands) surrounded by a semi-circle of snow capped peaks and overooking the Beagle Channel.
We arrived to beating drums and a harbour full of tall sailing ships celebrating 200 years of Independence. The drums, we learned much later, was a protest group, money shortages for some schools was what our limited Spanish understood.
I joined them on the drums late on the way home from dinner as thy burned tyres and pallets in the middle of the street,local music too, while offering sausages and cups of tea to all. The traffic was diverted all day and the next as well. No police hassles just folk venting their anger in a peaceful way. Brendan and I sat on old tyres (fuel to be) and enjoyed the music until driven indoors to the others by the 3 degree temperatures.
Today I went to the Ushuaia train station (The train at the end of the world) and got a drivers hat for a NZ train nut who is a friend. So I must be contemplating easier roads for the month ride back to the end. First thing I have bought.
The National Park here is full of beech trees (similar to Southland beech) and the stumps where the prisoner population logged the big ones into the 1960s. Hence the narrow guage train line they built to get supplies in and logs out.

King crab for dinner tonight I hope. Our photos are here


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