It’s cold up here

Well, we had a couple of days up our sleeves so a slight detour to Amish country seemed to be a good idea. The mornings are early 30s in degrees F ( around zero in our scale) but warm up to pleasant riding temps. Yesterday I had 9 layers on when we set off. Now we find ourselves a few miles from Lake Erie with morning frosts and the blossom just breaking.

A local woodturner who imports his lathes from NZ has given us a tour through the Amish farming area with a group of local motorcycling mates. We saw the cattle being used to pull the plough and horses-drawn carts. The Amish people were polite to talk to and interested in our trip, but are quite a self contained community with very high moral standards and prefer to keep to themselves. Dinner for all was at Ernie and Susan’s home, a feast of rosemary seasoned pork with asparagus and a wonderful “yellow cake” that was a home-made pineapple cake.

Accommodation was arranged in an Inn that is part of the local Hiram College. Pretty flash with English gardens ,blossoms wonderful brick buildings.

Lots of Love


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