Well here we are in Hiram Ohio, 2600km nth/west of our starting point in Miami Florida.


We are in the heart of Amish country and we have been hosted here by a Ernie & Sue contacts of Gareth & Jo Morgan, when we arrived we were met by them & members of the local BMW club

Ernie and his fellow riders then took on a tour of the Amish community in this area finishing up in Mesopotamia which appears to be the town centre for these folks, we spent some time there watching their coming & going in their beautiful gigs and horses.

The Amish people are well regarded for their hard work, honesty & integrity, the men folk with thier traditional beards and the womenfolk with their bonnets made a great sight as they went about their business, following them around were their neatly dressed children,mainly in blue with matching straw hats.

We had an opportunity to speak to some and while they were quite reserved they were happy to answer our questions, one particular chap called Bill I was talking to who appeared to be no older than 35 had 8 children 4 of each.

It has been worthwhile coming further north than intended to experience this fascinating group of people living a lifestyle of their choice, coming this way also gave us the opportunity along the Lincoln Hhwy to call into the site in Pennsylvania where Flight 93 of 9/11 met its tragic end, it was quite moving to look out on the peaceful green feild that was such a horror scene 5 years ago.

We are now heading south to reconnect with our planned route, our trip through 9 states has shown us some of the huge diversity of this great country.

As the new rider to the group I have been warmly received by Jo, Gareth & Dave and the group dynamics are functioning well, I look forward with eager anticipation to what lies on the road ahead.

Warm regards to all have read this far, special thoughts to Marian, my family and friends, until next time


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