John Denver’s song

Blue ridge mountain isn’t in West Virginia but I sure felt like “mountain mumma” as we did the Shenandoah Park road. Wonderful riding,,, the trees still totally bare when you get to the tops of the hills at 3000 ft (about 1000m) and various stages of spring as you go down again. We were warned to keep our speeds down by the local riders as the white tailed deer kept bounding out on the road quite often. Saw a ground hog (a fat ginger coloured critter), lots of squirrels, possoms and racoons and lots of the eagles riding the currents above. We are continuing to go south to ride a famous bikers road “The tail of the dragon” with 318 turns in 11 miles (18 km) between Tennessee and North Carolina.

This is serious boy-racer stuff not really suited to a BMW with panniers.

Record for the ride is around 9 minutes. Suggested gear to take on the official web site is

  • Sunglasses
  • Radar detector
  • 2-way FRS/GMRS radios (Motorola, Cobra, etc): these were invaluable at our last meet/road trip; you’ll spend more on your cell phone bill than an inexpensive set
  • Headset or hands free kit for 2-way radio
  • Extra batteries for 2-way radio
  • Proof of auto insurance, auto registration
  • Cell phone
  • Driving hat/cap/visor
  • Fully loaded CD cartridge with good driving music or audio books

All well, cold mornings but warm late afternoon.

Love Jojo

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