I’m certain I’m in Sert where the kernel was born.

What I meant was Sert where the Colonel (Giddafi) was born as that other sort of kernel is a nut.
He has lots of huge photos of (surprise surprise) himself around the country and the years of his reign is advertised every-where.

What we have found here is incredible honesty and that has been wonderful after the graft and corruption we experienced in Egypt.

There are loads of flash cars and mercs and many of the top European brands are out at speed on the roads. They pass you with a few inches to spare and often have had cameras in their hand to take photos of the tourists while driving and passing. How so many people survive a day on these roads is a wonder. There is the other extreme too and not too much trickle down of wealth to the poorer folk.

The most memorable thing about this place will be the garbage. How have so few people (5 million) managed to create such a shit hole of filth??? It is piled along most highways and blows across the desert, they throw it out of cars and pile waste everywhere around housing.

You would never want to buy a plastic bottle again if you came here.

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