Icebreaker Does It for Us Again

This tour we’ve experienced some weather extremes – such as the heat in the deserts of Chihuahua and Death Valley where temperatures got up into the fifties and adjusting for ground radiation, the eighties. But also we’ve been in some severe cold such as on the shores of the Arctic Ocean and in the sea of the Bering Strait, as well as one morning riding up in the Yukon between Whitehorse and Dawson City where heavy rain pelted us as well.

Yet through all this stuff, just as was the case last year on the Silkroad, we have worn the same base gear. Our Icebreaker stuff continues to be the best for all extremes and none us would be without it. Once the air temperature is above your body temperature having a layer of merino helps with moisture wicking and hence cooling. Jo has worn her Icebreaker merino ski socks the whole trip and I can vouch that her feet still smell sweet and are fungus free Last time I checked!)

And ironically we haven’t seen them drinking our beer over here but there sure has been Icebreaker in the top sports stores with the Canadians in particular pretty keen on it.




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