Thanks For Another Great Trip

These offshore motorcycle expeditions are big undertakings and there are a lot of people involved apart from the riders. Our group has got through this 29,000 km traverse of Canada, Mexico and 26 States of the US without significant mishaps to machines or people. That is a commendation to all those who helped put this project together.

We would like to firstly thank our sponsoring partners, led by BMW, John Baker Insurance, Icebreaker and Fairydown. These firms all once again backed us to the hilt, and each continue to be wonderful to deal with. These expeditions require good gear and service arrangements if they are to succeed and each of these suppliers have proved to us the quality of their products time and again. We will use them all again during next year’s traverse of the African Continent.

As well as our commercial partners we’d like to thank the folks at Gareth Morgan Investments Ltd who unflinchingly keep the website going and we know from the traffic count that the visitor numbers have soared above those for last year’s Silkrider tour.

Next, many thanks to Paul Holmes and the ZB Breakfast team for putting up with our somewhat erratic satellite phone communications – the email feedback from new Zealanders who heard those conversations tells us they were followed widely. And also thanks to Jeremy Rees and his team at the NZ Herald for the great coverage they provided of the trip – again feedback tells us the pieces were widely read.

Finally to the many New Zealanders and Americans who contacted us along the way and really helped make our visit so enjoyable, educational and fulfilling. Many of the approaches from these folk were quite unsolicited and we were embarrassed by the generosity of them all. Once again a significant finding from travelling is that people the world over are overwhelmingly good and go out of their way to help you.


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