Out of Xian

Today we again experienced the inflexibility of the Chinese toll-gate manager. We are farm machinery and as such can’t use the motorway. We were therfore relegated to the lanes and muddy tracks that wind under this wonderful construction and travelled 25 km in two hours. we wouldn’t have had a show of getting out of town with-out local assistance, and were eventually shown a sandy track that lead to a decent road cicumventing the toll gates.

Lots of rain today and several tunnels. The tunnels are one of the scariest things I have encountered, as they are often very dark, many have huge uncovered drains down the side or raised but un-marked footpaths.
Some of us stop to change out of sunglasses or try to follow a vehicle with tail lights. The biggest hazzard is the oncoming vehicle (no lights) on your side of the road. A truck stopped in the middle with no lights nearly got me but I got revenge as I also just missed a cyclist on the wrong side. I didn’t see the pedestrians but the others did, I must have missed them or maybe that big bump wasn’t a pot-hole.

All well we are all talking and drinking together still so team is holding together.
Love Jojo

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