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Hospitality abounds

We had been at the deserted resort town of San Gregorio only a few hours when a lady comes to me with a cell phone. She had an English speaker on the phone and I was offered a trip to the beach. Gareth and I jumped in the ute and had a tour of this lovely little town, its beaches (on the Rio Negro) and it’s artist work-shops and the street art works. You are in awe of folk like this who extend hospitality to complete strangers with only a few words in common. Thanks Liliana.
We have been spoilt the last few days firstly an invite to visit a kiwi’s dairy farm up from Colonia where we entered Uruguay. There we had the fatted sheep killed and BBQed for us and a tour that made you realise how clever some of our country folk are, huge achievements in a few years.
Then we stayed with his family in Montevideo, gorgeous linen and nice soap that didn’t make me itch. Great kids, pets and food made the good company complete, Greg, Christina, Annick, Lucca and Joey, you spoilt us, thanks for sharing your home .

Further into the wops now, malaria meds started today for the crowds of mosquitoes the moist jungle areas bring.

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