Security Issues

We have been surprised how security conscious everyone is right around this continent. Houses are behind bars and often have security shutters and guards patrolling as well. The hotels we have stayed in have gates locked at night and in a couple of towns we have been told not to take cameras out with us. The locals tell us of not wearing their jewelery until they are secure at their destination and dressing down to go to town.
The motorbikes parked outside the BMW shop in Buenos Aires had the staff telling us to bring them inside the compound, just in case.
So we are becoming more aware, and not leaving anything easily snatched on the bikes.

But we have seen nothing to indicate that the people are not honest and generous. we feel as safe as in NZ and often safer. No road rage, extremely polite people, going out of their way to try to understand our Spanglsh.

Our bikes are tucked up tonight under their covers in Brazil.
There wasn’t a border post in sight so we went back to the town to get a stamp our passports, and needed a police escort to find the immigration building hidden in a back street.

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