To Uruguay

We navigated the widest road in the world as the 16 lane main drag through Buenos Aires is reported to be. It’s not a motorway and I’m sure there were more lanes than that. So it was my morning adrenaline rush getting to the ferry terminal to clear Argentinian customs. A 40 km 1 hour trip later on the River Plate and into a new country.
Into Uruguay and staying in the delightful old town of Colonia. Spanish and Portugese ruins and wonderful architecture abound. It is mainly day trippers from Buenos Aires that come across on the same fast ferry that crossed Cook Strait for a while several years ago. Hence it is a tourist town with prices to reflect this.
Tree lined streets and old vehicles used to enhance the old town feel. One restaurant had an old Ford as an intimate private dining area,outside on the street,,, and outside the Fisheries building was another Ford with fish driving it and on closer inspection a baby fish in the bassinet on the back seat. The very rough original cobbles make it feel like a real trip down memory lane.
Reality hits as you realise the 250 year old restaurants and buildings all have free WiFi. This is the norm through all of South America, even the service stations have free WiFi.
New Zealand is so 3rd world in this respect. Truck drivers check their schedules and students send assignments during a fuel stop in what we arrogantly think is a less developed place. Photos of the towns of Uruguay are here.

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