Going Up Country

We’re headed to Kapyong where NZ’s K-Force fought its big battle of the Korean War. First night is spent in the town and we find a yogwan (motel) for $25 per room – our kind of prices.

Having had 3 meals of Kimchi and assorted pickles the boys have tongues a little scorched so we need some relief. Jo and I are okay with it but understand the reticence of the newbies. Brendan refers to Kimchi as “silage” though we assure him he’ll be craving for it by tour’s end -more addictive than smack. He’s unconvinced. So it’s to the chicken bar for a good dose of fried chook and several Steins of Korea’s finest beer – OB.

Dave’s a bit shocked to be sleeping on the floor but he’s given a thin mattress (a “yo”) to ease the experience. He needs more than that so ends up with two – happy to yo yo from there.

Next morning and it’s into the kelbe beef stew for breakfast, topped off of course with more Kimchi. The boys don’t look happier – yet. Then on to the road to visit the NZ memorial – in far better nick than it was last visit. And then striking further north, using our 300 page Korean map book to guide us along the country lanes, we are headed directly for the DMZ. The roads are fantastic – really first world stuff -and there’s no traffic so our low slung 650 cc cruisers are in their element.

Well they were in their element until Brendan decides to take some real back routes and we are trail riding on our low slung cruisers. Not so clever as the suspension isn’t quite up to it and before long one of the bikes is straddled across an exposed pipe in the road. Oh well we now know the lowest point on the bikes is the sump plug. No harm done but a lesson learnt.

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