First Service

We are in Dar Es Salam and it was a good time to do the first “on the road service”. A few of us are booked into a local hotel that has a good lock up for our bikes and a dirt floor so no-one get their knickers in a knot when we drip oil during the oil-change. Team work kicks into action as we all wield tools to remove the bike’s trimmings and luggage to drain the oil and remove and replace the oil filters. As luck would have it the power is out so the generator in the garage kicks into gear and we have to work with earplugs in and it is seriously hot and humid, we drip sweat and happily play in the dirt as a group of locals look on, kept at bay by the security guard minding us. Steering heads were tightened and found to need a bit of adjustment after the few rocky roads.

A local with a blow torch and a huge soldering bit arrived and did a great job on Gareth’s ABS wiring that had been damaged by his keys pulling on the wires. We couldn’t believe such a fine job could be done with the primitive tools. Tony had an extra block added to his side stand to stop the heavily laden bike being on a big lean when stopped.

Good job done meant a few beers could be had with the locals in the street bar. Lots of political discussion had and the world put right. Quite a few propositions made and none accepted but everyone went home feeling flattered. Street life really gets you in touch with the local vibes.

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