Firehouse Nights

Roger, through a friend, has managed to score an invitation to overnight in any Fire Station we’d like as we cross the USA. Sounds ridiculous but when we reached Williamsburg, Virginia we thought we’d taste the hospitality of America’s bravest. We were overwhelmed, Chief TK (Buzz) Weiler and his colleagues Randy Swinton and Eric Stone graciously hosted us at the fire station where we availed ourselves of beds and facilities, and had dinner with the shift.

It was a blast – a few calls during the night awakened us from our slumber although none of us was quick enough to catch the fire engine as it raced out the doors and we learned heaps from the team about the local area, its history and attractions. Only downside – no booze at the Firehouse – a small price to pay for the congeniality of the team. Thanks guys and gals!

One Response to Firehouse Nights

  1. Randy Banks May 9, 2006 at 12:52 pm #

    Hi, Dave, Roger,Joann & Gareth. I hope all is well. I think several of the guys at the Firehouse have been following your progress. Have a safe and enjoyable trip. It was very nice to meet yall. If you are ever in Williamsburg again, please stop by. Your always welcome at the Firehouse. And if you need anything while your on your trip in the USA, let us know. We do have connections all over. Take care and God bless you all!

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