Xian Warriors and Wangbaas.

aajXian (she-an) a modern city with much of the vibrancy based on the 10 million tourists attracted by the “terracotta warriors” was once the capital of China until Kublai Khan moved it to Beijing. We went to see the excavated areas and were all gob-smacked by the sight of the rank and file soldiers with unique features. To think that only a fraction of the sight is yet excavated is mind blowing. 300,000 workers were used over the 35 years the project took some 2000+ years ago.

Once back in this huge city of 6 million we went for a “point and hope” lunch, you point at other people’s food and hope you like what you get. Great choice and with cold beer for NZ$1.20 each.

Wangbaas were not what we ordered for lunch but the name for an internet cafe. The cafe that we are now hanging out in is full. We are the oldest here by lots of years. There are 400-500 computers many being used for games and chatting.

Gareth got into a panic and told me I was being fiscally tight when he discovered I had only given him a credit of 10 Yuans (NZ$1.50) and after much assistance from staff and sign language has discovered this will give him 10 hours on-line. He has yet to apologise and tell me I’m fiscally wonderful.

Yesterday on the way here we lost our guide (always a kiwi challenge) and after a slight detour through a wonderful area in a full harvest frenzy, a twenty course lunch observed by 60-70 folk, media interviews and photos in a town that had never had a tourist before, we rang him and put him out of his misery. He was close behind by that time, having asked locals on the road has they seen us. Yes we are that much of an oddity on these bustling roads. The GPS that Dave has is great at times like this. I just get up and know if the sun is in my eyes all morning that I’m going in the right direction.

Off now for more beer to make the 40+ degree heat more beerable.

See the Terracotta Warriors photo album here.

Love Jo

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