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Azul, the surprise Rally site.

We had a night in C. Pringles and loved the small town feel, and being off the main route was great. The surrounding areas had John Deere machinery and adverts everywhere attesting to the wealth of this agricultural town. After another coffee, bread and jam breakfast, we were desperate for some protein and called into a small road-side cafe and got boiled eggs and more coffee. It is Easter weekend and folk are on the move camping and travelling to friends and family, and just getting away from Buenos Aires for a few days. A truckie stops to admire the bikes and tells us of a bike rally in Azul, 65 km away, so a change of plans.

Off to Azul and to the 21st bike rally of this racey place. We would win the prize for coming the furthest but we could only stay the one night and felt sorry for a couple of Swiss guys who couldn’t believe we were going to steal their thunder when they had planned for ages  to come here.
Also in Azul we came across La Posta a place where travelling bikers meet, stay, get repairs, and write on the workshop walls. World travellers were comparing notes and finding where friends were. We  saw the post the Forwards (Peter and Kay) had put on the wall 8 years ago before they had travelled every country on their Harley.
It was funny to watch some burly blokes faces when they were telling others to avoid roads that were too tough, I piped up and said we didn’t have a problem. Grannys shouldn’t say things like that.
Just arrived in Buenos Aires, Easter meant the roads were quiet , thank goodness as it is such a huge city and we are right down town.  A couple of days of Tango and culture will get us ready for Uruguay and Paraguay.


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