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Road food and baby

I looked at the huge map of Argentina and the Ruta 3 does a big curve on the way to Buenos Aires so I decided it would be better to cut the corner and go to a dot called Coronel Pringles, Gareth agreed as the busy roads pre-Easter are unpleasant and traffic was fast. so following the GPS instructions we miss the big city of Bahia Blanca and go country.
It is a huge fertile area, akin the the productive plains of mid-west America. Long straight roads, a few gum trees, and the locals (in cow-boy hats) driving big F100 type utes. After 150 km I stop to consult Gareth. He hadn’t even noticed the derelict looking building that advertised “food”. we u-turned to go and wondered if this could be for real. A drum with a fire under it was full of spicy potato slices and a couple of chicken legs were thrown in for us. The young ones (19 and 17)were minding shop and were great company and with their little English and our little Spanish we learned of the area and problems with rural teachers not getting paid enough.It was going to be the day’s highlight, meeting Jonathan and Patricia BUT then we received news from Wellington that we have a new grand-baby. I want to go home now for a cuddle.

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