Quiet Easter

It is Easter and I had champagne for breakfast at our down town Buenos Aires hotel, as it is a day off. Back to the room to trample some of the clothes that haven’t been washed for ever. It all seemed clean for the first month and then it was too cold to get big things dry overnight so our Icebreaker jackets have had a first wash, yukky, black water. Now I’m waiting for management to complain about flapping laundry from the 5th floor.
Any way to food on the road. All the garages have boiling water machines that for 30 cents (1 peso) you can fill a thermos, I fill a fold-able plastic bottle then we have instant soups. Potato flakes added to the soup make it quite a meal, then in the cold areas I tucked the bottle inside my jacket for warmth, so nice. The reason for the availability of hot water is that everyone has a cute little cup and metal filter straw that they drink mate from. The cup is full of leaves that you continue to top up with your thermos and many folk add loads of sugar too. Mate is sold in big bags for a couple of bucks.

Off to hang out and people watch on  an Easter Sunday Buenos Aires, empty of folk apart from us and an under 20 australian soccer team.


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