Another Oil Change etc.

We are in Boseman, a pretty little Montana town and I’m waiting in the lobby (of a nice modern hotel), waiting to join the others and go with oil and filters to do the almost 20,000  service. That is apart from Gareth who is staying here today to get his business and writing commitments sorted. He is allowed to delegate this as he spent more time than all of us put together organising the route and in pre-trip work.

We will go out to MOD’s inlaw’s place to work and enjoy his Alex’s and kid’s company and after the jobs are done the locals are taking us hand-gun shooting (the Montana equivalent to having afternoon tea seemingly).

Weather is now pretty cold at night and warm and sunny during the day so 10 to 20 degrees rough spread. Often BIG winds too. Good area to see moose and elk, still lots of deer on the road.

Must run and work

Love Jo

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