The Ones Left Behind

As always when doing a trip such as this one there is a lot of planning before leaving and of course friends and family left at home.

Joanne and Gareth are away from their house and business,children and that very special grandchild as well as both their mothers back home,Roger leaves his wife,children and grandchildren with his brother John taking hold of both reins on the farm,and I have my mate Jack overseeing all my kiwifruit picking and pruning as well as the building of our house.Thankyou all you people to enable and allow us to have such a wonderfull trip.

To our mates who have and do ride with us we think of you and talk of you all often,to those who may not be able to travel for any reason we hope you get some pleasure and insite from the website,to those we may have inspired to do a similar trip, every journey starts with the first step.Go get a map !!


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