The good guys out back

You find out pretty quickly that there are two sort of motorcycle stores here in the States.

The first has lost your booking, gotten in the wrong parts and generally couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. The second are people who immediately understand the spiritual significance of the world by bike journey and do all they can to help.

Hi Tech Motorsports of Billings Montana fall into the second category. We arrived early in the morning – as we approached reception the bloke behind the counter said, oh you are the guys for the new tyre and the rim straightening – just take your bikes out back.

Out back waited Taylor – who looked like an extra for Monster Garage and greeted us with a firm handshake. “lets do the tyre first’. In no time he had the big GS up on the hydraulic lift and the wheel was off. A slick looking T66 was soon mounted on the hub. Taylor then did a quick inspection on the rest of the bike and then dropped it down.

Then up went my bike and the rim that I managed to bend after attempting to bunny hop across some logs in the Absoroka Wilderness. Off came the wheel and into a bench press . Some gentle application of pressure and suddenly my head shake dissappeared.

Store manager Rober then came out and gave us fresh brewed Java while Taylor did a quick visual inspection of the rest of the bike.

Total time 90 minutes, all peppered with good natured banter and ribbing and a transcendental understanding of what Ken Kesey called “the journey”.

Thanks Taylor and Robert – you guys rock.

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