The Yarpies are coming (Watch out All Blacks)

In the recent travels into Ethiopia we came across a bunch of South African (Yarpies) fellow bike riders. We had a lot in common, they were riding BMW motorcycles. They too had travelled the road to hell in northern Kenya and they too had blown three out of four shocks on this road. They had enjoyed the thrill of riding in the back of a freight truck while they dashed for the Ethiopian border.

We spent a night eating fried goat and onions and talking about the Rugby World Cup. Naturally we became suspicious when they declared that their mission was to deliver 6 Pizzas to the Springboks in Europe. I remembered back to the days of Suzie and the All Black food poisoning in South Africa and am convinced that these guys are on some covert operation to poison the 2007 All Blacks ????

Their mission, referred to as the 39 day challenge mimics the Pizza Shop moto to deliver a pizza in 39 minutes or its free. In this case they have 39 days to deliver their pizzas from Joberg to Europe. Good luck guys

Note the photo’s showing the refrigerated unit on the back of the BMW.

Tony A

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