The Race

We came across a magnificent road from Mendoza, Argentina into Chile and had flurries of snow as we cleared customs at 3200m but then the race was on as Gareth and I left the others for a speedy ride to the Santiago hotel “Atton” where he had promised to be available for a radio interview. We by-passed traffic congestion on the footpaths and squeezed through any gap we saw. We saw lots of earthquake damage to power-poles, over-bridges and walkways and a few shops with everything askew. A slight problem though, we were following our GPSs and had slightly different end points so when I saw the obscure hotel as the machine flashed “you have reached your destination” I stopped…. only to see Gareth speeding into the distance. I left the bike in a very visible place and went in to get a room and hurry the process of having a phone line to talk on.
You are looked differently when you arrive on a bike, and often get treated like a stray animal that has wandered into the lobby. It was like that here and the service was slow for a dirty biker…. anyway I mustn’t get started on that subject. The advertised Wi-Fi was only in the lobby, so guests were all standing around trying to sort internet. Gareth eventually arrived after navigating a complex one-way system and with 2 minutes to spare get the radio broadcast done.
Who said this was a holiday

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