Help required for minimising the load.

We have come into Santiago to hopefully continue south through Chile but the earthquake has caused roading and infrastructure issues that are likely to cause us to go back into Argentina. This probably means more unpaved roads and generally bigger and harder days.
So, I decided to do another gear clear out and leave surplus gear here. So the tent and cooking gear is off the bike as is the spare tshirt my bra and light weight trou too. Camera and charger gone as Gareth’s photos are always better, and the safety vest gone too. The lovely llama skin hat from Bolivia, that I fancied wearing in the cold of Patagonia is too much of a luxury, as is the silky robe that was intended to make me feel like a girl. It was my only bit of colour.

So what have I got and what I should get rid of.
Your views on what else can go will be appreciated, as a lighter bike is better bike on tough roads.
All icebreaker clothing; 2 ski type riding socks, 2 singlets, 2 knickers, 2 medium weight tops, 3 warm tights, 1 jacket, 1 dress (doubles as a nightie), light weight trou, and little shoes.
Bike riding gear, wet weather over jacket and trou, 2 neck warmers, 2 pair of warm gloves and a light weight pair
First aid box (probably too large), water filter, bike-cover (now this has to be a emergency shelter too) big plastic bag and sleeping bag.
Tools for maintenance and puncture repairs, 2 rear tubes and 1 front tube. Water bottle. WD 40 lube, chain oil, Olay face sunscreen.
I have some lollies and a small toilet bag too

Let’s try to get a list of what the others have too.

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