down the road

The long and winding (sometimes straight, very straight) road of the 2006 worldbybike team continues, we have helmet’s full of memories, places we’ve been and people we’ve met.
Without exception people have been wonderful, warm, friendly and helpful, the world wide camaraderie that exists between bikers has been strongly evident with much interest shown in our tour; advice and directions being freely given.
It was great catching up with my brother Martyn,Lois & Micheal & his friends Dennis & Melva at Saskatchewan River Crossing in the majestic Banff/Jasper National Park, also with my sister Judy and her husband Gordie on the banks of beautiful Marsh Lake near Whitehorse in the remote Yukon Territory, thanks for your great hospitality
The road continues onwards and upwards to Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay at the top of the world, a quick dip in the ocean then turn the machines around and down hill to journeys end.
May the mosquitoes be merciful to us !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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