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team work

Gareth often had stupid ideas but this last one was too much. But I went along with it anyway …. for the good of the team. After afternoon break when we all wanted to be finished for the day HE suggested that I get out in front, and PRETEND I had had a crash to aid team bonding.
So off I go throw a pannier and its contents down the road and lie down and put the bike on top of my leg.
You would have been impressed at the action, Tony was torn between the protocol of getting the evidence or releasing me, so I promised to stay prone if he only got the bike off (it hurt) Chris arrived and got out the rubber mallet and started beating my pannier and throwing my luggage into the bushes. Brendan was reassembling the helmet and getting stones from the hinge. Can’t remember what Gareth was doing. But when all was done I was told to get going and to go slower, only 74 km of sand left. Great team effort, thanks for the help. 48 hours later the bruise colours are improving on my old body and the aches move to yet new areas. Nice to be a colleague Tony.

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