Taedensan Mountain and Sadness

We’ve managed to get to one of the more iconic and spectacular National Parks today – Taedasan, just outside of Daejon, the sixth largest city in the ROK. For climbing in this park you take a gondola to the foot of the mountainm. And then things get spectacular – up rock steps and steel ladders and across stell bridges between the peaks of rock o

utcrops – you wind your way to the summit. And up there, along with hundreds of other enthusiastic Korean hikers, you get to have noodles and coffee if you so choose. Doing it in the weekend wasn’t such a great idea – there was not much room at the top, so crowded it was.

The hiking part of this trip is certainly proving to be tougher than the biking – Joanne’s kness have gone and the rest of us are pretty sore having heaved ourselves up what we’d regard in NZ, as mountains. The Koreans’ love of the outdoors and hiking up rock outcrops certainly belies the popular image in the West of 7 day a week workers. These folk know how to have a vigorous outdoor experience and then eat, drink and be merry at the ned of it.

A touch of sadness today. Dave’s dad has just died bringing to an end our erstwhile travelling companion’s participation on this trip. Tonight he flies back home to be with his family. All the best from the rest Dave and our thoughts are with your family at this time.

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