Dave has gone.

I know we have told you this. In a moment of weakness I said I’d show him the way to Seoul from Taejon (Daejon), its only about 160 km. Brendan said I couldn’t get back on my own so the three of us went. Took us 5 hours one way, and we didn’t get lost once but we did illegally go on the motorway a couple of times. No bikes allowed on the major roads. Then after we dropped Dave at the bike shop, 6 and a half hours back. A 12 hour day in the saddle. Big effort but worth it to make sure Dave got to his Dad’s funeral.

Most of the ride was an adrenaline rush up the traffic the wrong way and riding like a local, squeezing between the traffic jam caused by a major holiday here (Chusok). You feel life is on the edge during a ride like that.

 Gareth had a day to get his computer work done whike we were away.

Boy were we stuffed the next day, eyes burning from the smog and coughing up all the disgusting inhalations from the road.

Off for a nice cool beer

Love Jo


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