Snakes and Ladders

We pulled into Batopilas pretty tired after a 6,000 ft decent to the bottom of one of Mexico’s Copper Canyons down a gravel, sand and mainly rock slide road. It reminded us somewhat of the “world’s Most Dangerous Road” in La Paz which, in a moment of madness we’d descended on bicycles. Not to detract from the Copper Canyon road but that descent was over 12,000 ft (the height of Mt Cook).

Nevertheless the road is as rough as guts and we certainly pleased to be at the bottom for the night. On causality only we saw as not a bad toll to pay to get down into the canyon. The next task was to find the night’s accommodation. A cheap and cheerful hotel looked just the job. Just the job that is until one of the staff exited Roge and Dave’s room-to-be screaming. A venomous snake had taken residence in Roger’s bed so that put end to that hotel’s chances of accommodating us.

Good call. We found Juanita’s hotel down at the Plaza much more to our liking – including allowing the bikes to be ridden through the lobby and take pride of place next to the fountain in the courtyard.

Next morning back up on to the Sierra and there’s something about those early morning rides that continues to make them by far the best of the day. With the 100om drops an one side and trying not to be pushed over by oncoming trucks, the exhilaration was awesome and we may just do another canyon tomorrow.

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