Penis Park and other highlights.

We rode a tiny train through the 1.5 meter high tunnel that the North Koreans dug under the DMZ for the invasion of the south in 1990, after they had started peace talks. Being way under a mountain range, under the DMZ, in the 4th Tunnel was really a thrill as was the foot-peg scraping road on the way back to the valley,,,BUT,,, nothing prepared me for the surprise park that Brendan had found out about. The sign said Folk Village and families and children frolicked with the wonderful views of the East Sea (Japan Sea) and hundreds of phallics. YES, yes,yes, it was Penis Park a cultural experience that made the men all feel inadequate if the posing they did on the giant 3meter brass one was to be taken seriously.

Seriously though, this is a part of the rites of celebration in the Sharmanist religion that keeps the spirits of a young drowned woman from ruining the fishing in the area.

The amount of squid and fish drying around the village of Sinnam tended to indicate the penis worship was working.

I think this would make a really exotic and unusual addition to the Wellington waterfront. I’ll lobby for one when I get home.

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