National Parks

It took us 2 months before we were offered a Park Pass allowing access into any of the Parks for $50, luckily it was before the expensive Grand Canyon and we have covered our costs already.

We are pretty canyoned out as this part of the country is a spectacular place with rock and land formations that make you wish you had studied geology. We are in Utah today and have travelled through spectacular red canyons of rock interspersed with monsterous white rock upthrusts. We camped last night in a State Forest at 9000 ft, and had squirrels and deer frolicking nearby. The resident bear didn’t appear, thankfully.The ranger went fishing to get us a trout but it was noodles, and fruit and beer.

Peter and Linda Larson, formerly Wellington and now Brisbane, have joined us for a week on their hired Harley. NIce to have them along and in the next day we will get Michael O’Donnell (MOD) along too. Those who read MOD’s Motors on Trademe will miss his witty writings, or maybe he will continue as he rides.

The road kill continues sto give us an insight into the animal life, deer, marmot , and the rabbits are the ones seen today. The heat is enough to make you demented and we are drinking about 4-5 liters each during the day.

Night cramps are due to the mineral loss due to sweat so mineral supplements are needed.

Love to my mates, Happy Birthday Bettina, over half way now


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