Mexico Adis Amigos

Mexico – Adios Amigos

Fantastic country, wonderful people – this is an economic powerhouse of the future. Forget Baja California aka “Sanitised Mexico” or “Americanised Mexico”, the real Mexico is the mainland and it has heaps of potential. That the country has become the latest victim of the drug trade for rich Americans is a tragedy but it will be fixed. As you’d expect the northern neighbours have over-reacted to the headlines and are staying away in droves, hitting towns like Tijuana hard. But it’s hard not to see Mexico doing well over the next 20 years, the resources, the cheap prices – they just add up to competitiveness.

Speaking of competitiveness, we’ve been back in the US for just a day – but man, at a NZD worth 80 cents US, this economy is so cheap – it makes NZ look like an over-priced Europe. Tyre change today for well under $300 NZ – it’s no contest. NZ is over-priced, things will happen.

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