Loose again

Just out of police “house arrest”.

Had to look on the funny side and I found it rather interesting that they demanded all the boys passports but didn’t think I would have one. I had to send mine down to the station later when we thought the police were going to change our visas. There are certain times that you just know it is a girl thing.

It was pretty tense at the beginning of this saga, as we were separated from some of the others and had just finished a big day with Tehran traffic and then a two hour delay because of a landslide on the 9300 ft mountain pass. The last thing you need is detaining when all are tired and some of the group had gone to find a place to camp or stay. Looked like we were going to be kept in separate motels and initially we weren’t allowed to rind the embassy or our agent. A bit scary. Later in the evening when we were all starving, I robed up in my black chador and went off incognito to get some food and get a message to Sam from an internet cafe in case our predicament wasn’t discovered.

Still managed to get a splash in the Caspian Sea —-fully covered as seemed to be the norm. Trying to be complient and culturally sensitive but keep failing. One man, when he saw me all scarfed up said my face and hair weren’t the problem but it was my bottom. I’m totally confused now and tried to ride in my chador (it isn’t called a burqua here) today to the huge amusement of all.

Fashion police came to the motel this morning to have me put on a more adequate head cover (ice breaker beanie not enough) and to unlock the gates of the motel. I’m not sure of the protocol of removing it in the bath or not. We’ve also discovered that Kiwi humour doesn’t translate well. But we enjoy it.
Causing absolute chaos wherever we go and loving it, no wonder we attract attention from the authorities.

Iran is cool and the people here are just wonderful. Neighbours at the motel brewed the thermette and gave us a cuppa this morning, this is just so typical of the locals.

Thanks to those who made my mum’s 94th b’day fun.
xx Jo

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