In the Beginning

We are sitting on the coast at Fort Lauderdale watching the big red sun rise from the ocean, warm balmy weather, BIG cars and utes cruise by and Gareth is telling us that oil is over $70 today. Today is Tuesday after Easter and the last 5 days have had us out of phone or internet contact as we lazed on some Bahaman Island that we hadn’t heard of and didn’t intend to get to.

It was 1am we (Dave Gareth and I) had just finished the 23 hour travel experience to get from Wellington to Miami and were all wide awake. Gareth discovered the “wireless hotspot” and then we were on line and found a flight to Nassau the capital of Bahamas. We booked and paid and slept knowing the area Columbus came to over 500 years ago was all go. 15 hours later we were in Nassau after a 1 hour flight in a 9 seater. Hotels that were averaging $600NZ a room were full and chaos reigned as the Easter period coincided with home-coming in some areas. We then decided to try for San Salvidore and elbowed a position in the chartered flight queue, no charters, it all seemed hopeless.

The older man that had pushed to the front asked where we wanted to get to and then assured us that it was a waste of time and not that nice. “Share my charter” he said “where are you going?” I asked “Rock Sound” he replied. “There are three of us.” I told him. So we were off to the unknown after telling Bob that we also needed somewhere to stay.

It is time to eat again so I’ll give you the next installment later. Bacon, hotcakes and syrup.

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