Good life in Bahamas

So we arrived on Eleuthera, a long skinny island that you see the clear pale-blue Carribbean Ocean on one side and the deep blue Atlantic on the other side. We had been picked-up by the Famous Bob who is now trying to restore the once famous Rocks Sound Club, haunted by the spirits of Princess Margaret and many of the rich and famous.

Now it is taken over by jungle, but the staff waited on us hand and foot and Bob’s friends and family took us into the fold to celebrate Easter. The old, once-were-glorious buildings stank as the bats that were hanging from roofs dropped foul waste on our heads while we explored. Beaches were warm and clear and we swum, ate and explored in Bob’s car. Bob’s famous book on the “Secret Tax Havens of the World” was found so Gareth and he debated into the night on everything.

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