I very Love you

I Very Love You

Sex tourism center for the older or “feeling un-wanted” woman would have to be Egypt. The local men are quite blatant about their desires for a quickie.
One charmer when asked what his wife would think replied “She is resting and I won’t tell her”. The same man told me he “very loved me” so I told him I was leaving the next day. He wasn’t worried about my departure as he wanted to be my husband “but just for today” and he would “very miss me”.

As I hunted for a nice belly-dancer costume the store owner suggested a dress rehearsal “out back” so he could check if the outfit would make my husband very happy. And so on I went continuing the shopping but not buying (lack of space) expedition in Aswan and Luxor.

I returned to the accommodation feeling like the most desired woman on earth.

As we fueled up to leave Aswan a man raced up to me in a beat-up car and jumped out shouting “remember me ‘I’m Abdol’ “. He wanted me to stay longer so I could go for a family picnic with his clan and all my “brothers” could come too. Gareth rolled his eyes with that look of “what have you been up to” .
Abdol was a guide at the Nubian museum and had guided me to the only lunch place open in the area, everything else closed until sun-set for Ramadan.

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