How much gear ??

All the women I meet want to know how much product and stuff I carry. They are aghast when I explain that the only product in my bag is chain lube and I have to apply it myself every night. My teeth are getting a bit worn looking at only 12500 km so it will be new sprockets and chain before this trip is over.

Two pair of socks , both ski type, merino by Icebreaker. I really only need one pair but the pretty pink ones are so up-lifting when you put them on in the morning. They don’t ever smell. I also have two pair of knickers that dry over night or are tied to the bike to air dry during the travels.

Why you might ask is there so much gear hanging off the bike? Pannier one — camping gear used less than anticipated due to Gareth having a need for internet so he can continue to do what he does and stay in touch with the world. Pannier two —- charging adapters and camera gear, inflateable globe to show Americans where NZ is and an inflateable doll for Dave (joke). Top pannier —- First aid kit and winter leather trousers (an indulgence) and the paperwork, passport stuff, itinerary and insurance papers (thanks John Baker).

The bag I have on the rear seat is tools and spare clothes a pair of sandles (that smell), and hanging off the fuel tank is 5 litres of water and the cup of tea stuff, cooker noodles and my sun-screen. The tank bag has video, films, an apple or fruit, stuff taken from breakfast and an underwater camera. Also the fluffy thing that is meant to be on my video but scares people into thinking I am a sex maniac due to its phallic nature.

Hope this has answered any questions. Debate is welcome.

Missing my big babies and the grandchild

XX jo

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