Great to be back in the saddle

Jo's fast "Spanglish" talking needed to explain our presence

Well I thought I should let you know how great it is to be back on the road. Gareth has Ruby on the back of his bike and I have his huge waterproof bag. Ruby and I are sharing the absolute minimum of clothes and we have everything on in the cold of these high altitude towns. When she continues her travels with her friends I will have two pair of warm sox just for me. I am amazed she wanted to try riding pillion after the horror stories we had told her about crazy drivers and dangerous roads. She has been amazing and no complaints, and I´m hoping she will give her version of things too.
I am looking out at the main plaza of this Andean town, Pasto (not pesto or pasta). It is where the three branches of mountain ranges at the top of the Andes join into the one main range. From Bogota we have been up and round mountain tracks and hill sides. Spectacular greens slashed by red earth where the side of the hills have  fallen off in slips.

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