Dunnies I have used

Being a Kiwi I have a view on what a good dunny should look like, and how it should operate. For example, on the back of the door there should be a place to hang your motorcycle jacket and camel back. There should be toilet paper available, and there should be somewhere to wash ones hands after one has availed ones self of the facilities.

Well yesterday at a gas station I had a rather desperate need to avail myself of the facilities – it was the chillies you know!! After some increasingly desperate gesticulating, I ascertained the direction I should head. So off I go loosening the camel back as I went, and undoing the required zips on the jacket and pants. Got to the building in a state of some disarray clothing wise, only to be confronted with this hole in the ground, water flowing everywhere and no paper! Bother I said, well actually it was a word that rhymed with lugger!!

I desperately rearranged clothing and rushed out on to the gas station forecourt, pleading with my mates that I needed paper urgently, finding no sympathy at all!! I might add here that ones supply of dunny paper is jealously held and not loaned even to a best mate. So with sphincter bulging I undid my luggage, found the precious stash of paper and headed back to the WC. It was at this point I found there was nowhere to hang the jacket and camel back!!

I now ask you to picture the scene there. I was crouching like a Fox Terrier all available arms holding jacket and camel back clear of the torrents of water, and trying to keep my precious paper dry for the critical moment. I tell you, a circus juggler could not have done better! I emerged to the cheers of my mates, a lot more comfortable convinced that the traditional Kiwi dunny is better, but that after 10 more weeks I may master the Silk Road version.

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